My Outdoor Garden Room

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I am a nest builder, a quiet, cozy corner type of girl.
I LOVE beautiful homey spaces both inside my home and outside in wonderful nature. When I was a little girl, my fun loving mom use to take us for walks in the country and she would bring a blanket, an umbrella for shade and a simple healthy lunch. Here we would build forts with branches and spend the whole afternoon adding creature comforts to our humble outdoor abodes.
Mom would spread the blanket, put our lunch under the umbrella and enjoy a much needed rest in the shade. It was So Much Fun and yet so simple.
No malls, no traffic, no complicated meals and tasks. Just beautiful nature. xoxo
I very much enjoyed those “hot pink” days of summer.

Live Well in the Moment

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Just recently, I finally got the message to LIVE IN THE MOMENT!! I used to go back and forth re-living and re-thinking about my past or thinking ahead to the future. Then just this week, boom I got it … “you have to live in each moment and make it good.”


Enjoy this hot pink day. xoxo

Jeanne Moreau Couzens

Aging Is Just One Season in Life

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IMG_3618This spring my honey and I have greatly enjoyed two weddings. Both were soooooooo beautiful and both were our sons’ weddings.  This was all new for us because our sons were single professional men (until later in life 🙂 and then boom, both found the loves of their lives and in short time, they married their beautiful sweet ladies.

Then all within the same time period of time, we found out in the sweetest way –that we are going to be Grandparents. This was another pleasant surprise and music to my ears as my honey and I are in our mid 60’s and have always looked forward to having Grandchildren. Yeah!!!

Now is the countdown to having a little one in our lives. Everyone is excited and we can hardly wait to hold that baby.

As we age we realize that there are realistically only so many years we can still do things we took for granted in our youth. Life rolls on and we are
rolling along with it.

We are so grateful to soon be grandparents. What a gift!!!

Photo is of our oldest son ( who will soon be a daddy) kissing his little bro. xoxo


The Joy of Nature

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Is there anything that brings us sweet Solace like a walk in beautiful nature?

No matter what is going on in my life, going for a peaceful walk in divine nature always restores my energies. I had the good fortune of spending my first six growing years on a little farm in rural Saskatchewan. My granny lived with us and she adored nature and I am grateful to say she passed on that love to me. She IMG_6785was a sweet little Belgium granny who was artfully creative and besides being a good gardener, loved to bake.

Granny had long hair rolled up in a bun and was so sweet , sensible and industrious. She would take me out to her flower garden and show me the little furry sprouts that were poking out of the rich soil. She painted colourful folk art, baked all kinds of delicious treats, grew and gardened everything from flowers to trees and was sweetly spiritual.

Now I am about to be a Grandmother for the first time, and remembering how sweet and humble my little granny was makes me hope that I too can have a sweet and humble impact on my little ones’ life.

We will start with little walks in beautiful nature. One small step at a time.

Art and Baking will come later.

The Sweet Fragrance of Sweet Peas.

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IMG_6093 (1)Oh! My Goodness! What is sweeter than picking a fresh bouquet of home grown Sweet Peas!!

My honey is the gardener in our family and now in early July, everyday there are fresh new gifts from the garden. Gardening is one of my honey’s talent and like his Art, he daily tends to his precious blooms. We enjoy fresh tomatoes , basil and mint in our salads, and delicate flowers of every colour and fragrance.

Summer is sheer goodness. I love to wake up every morning, rain or shine. xoxo

Hello! Hello!

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cropped-IMG_5815-1.jpgToday I am so delighted to start my very first Blog. Thanks to my honey for setting it up for me as I am not as computer savvy as he is. This fine spring and summer has been filled with many many celebrations and I am eager to share them with you. I will be posting stories and photos and just musings about life in general.

As I write I am sidetracked with the sounds of a heavy rainfall. It is so strong that it is taking down leaves. In the comfort of my snug little home, I sit by a large window and can experience the force and beauty of my beloved mother nature.
I have the good fortune of living in a beautiful quiet community with more trees and animals than people. Although I adore people, I love love love all the bright green acres of hilly lush and delicious nature and the wonderful little animals that happily scamper about.

Nature and photographing is a passion for me as well as my love of Art and people.

Everyday is a Hot Pink Day!

Jeanne Moreau Couzens