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cropped-IMG_5815-1.jpgToday I am so delighted to start my very first Blog. Thanks to my honey for setting it up for me as I am not as computer savvy as he is. This fine spring and summer has been filled with many many celebrations and I am eager to share them with you. I will be posting stories and photos and just musings about life in general.

As I write I am sidetracked with the sounds of a heavy rainfall. It is so strong that it is taking down leaves. In the comfort of my snug little home, I sit by a large window and can experience the force and beauty of my beloved mother nature.
I have the good fortune of living in a beautiful quiet community with more trees and animals than people. Although I adore people, I love love love all the bright green acres of hilly lush and delicious nature and the wonderful little animals that happily scamper about.

Nature and photographing is a passion for me as well as my love of Art and people.

Everyday is a Hot Pink Day!

Jeanne Moreau Couzens


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