Aging Is Just One Season in Life

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IMG_3618This spring my honey and I have greatly enjoyed two weddings. Both were soooooooo beautiful and both were our sons’ weddings.  This was all new for us because our sons were single professional men (until later in life 🙂 and then boom, both found the loves of their lives and in short time, they married their beautiful sweet ladies.

Then all within the same time period of time, we found out in the sweetest way –that we are going to be Grandparents. This was another pleasant surprise and music to my ears as my honey and I are in our mid 60’s and have always looked forward to having Grandchildren. Yeah!!!

Now is the countdown to having a little one in our lives. Everyone is excited and we can hardly wait to hold that baby.

As we age we realize that there are realistically only so many years we can still do things we took for granted in our youth. Life rolls on and we are
rolling along with it.

We are so grateful to soon be grandparents. What a gift!!!

Photo is of our oldest son ( who will soon be a daddy) kissing his little bro. xoxo


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