The Joy of Nature

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Is there anything that brings us sweet Solace like a walk in beautiful nature?

No matter what is going on in my life, going for a peaceful walk in divine nature always restores my energies. I had the good fortune of spending my first six growing years on a little farm in rural Saskatchewan. My granny lived with us and she adored nature and I am grateful to say she passed on that love to me. She IMG_6785was a sweet little Belgium granny who was artfully creative and besides being a good gardener, loved to bake.

Granny had long hair rolled up in a bun and was so sweet , sensible and industrious. She would take me out to her flower garden and show me the little furry sprouts that were poking out of the rich soil. She painted colourful folk art, baked all kinds of delicious treats, grew and gardened everything from flowers to trees and was sweetly spiritual.

Now I am about to be a Grandmother for the first time, and remembering how sweet and humble my little granny was makes me hope that I too can have a sweet and humble impact on my little ones’ life.

We will start with little walks in beautiful nature. One small step at a time.

Art and Baking will come later.

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