My Outdoor Garden Room

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I am a nest builder, a quiet, cozy corner type of girl.
I LOVE beautiful homey spaces both inside my home and outside in wonderful nature. When I was a little girl, my fun loving mom use to take us for walks in the country and she would bring a blanket, an umbrella for shade and a simple healthy lunch. Here we would build forts with branches and spend the whole afternoon adding creature comforts to our humble outdoor abodes.
Mom would spread the blanket, put our lunch under the umbrella and enjoy a much needed rest in the shade. It was So Much Fun and yet so simple.
No malls, no traffic, no complicated meals and tasks. Just beautiful nature. xoxo
I very much enjoyed those “hot pink” days of summer.

One thought on “My Outdoor Garden Room”

  1. This is a little outdoor room that my honey and I co-created. The painting is an old painting my honey painted ten years ago and it has weathered all these years in the elements. We have since added more paintings outdoors that we leave year round. The squirrels and birds sit on the frames. I think they enjoy the Art too. xoxoxo

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