A Family Legacy

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IMG_6376IMG_6093 (1)This past weekend I enjoyed going back to Moose Jaw for my High School reunion and I have to say that my heart was in my throat much of the time.
Oh MY Goodness! It was a very moving experience on so many levels.
One lovely sunny morning my honey took me for a walk through his neighbourhood where he lived a happy family life. He showed me the schools he went to, where his friends lived and the sports fields where he played baseball and where his grampa and he would sit to watch games. What a sweet and stable good family life he enjoyed with his wonderful family. Truly a dream for me.
When we came to his childhood home, I was amazed at how much work his father had put into making their little house a family home, which my mother in law made comfortable.
His father was VERY industrious and had built a garage all from salvaged wood, dug out a basement by hand, made a lovely garden and flower beds and most of all he built a retaining wall from front to back from field stones he hand picked.
Hundreds and hundreds of beautiful stones were picked from farmer’s field and brought back and cemented to make the retaining walls. Amazing, just Amazing. I was so impressed by his tenacious hard work.
Now, as I stood there 40 years later I felt his spirit of hard work just looking at all the labor he put into building a comfortable home for his family. .
Today I see my father in law’s hard working ethic in both my sons and in my husband. It brought tears to my eyes that they didn’t get to know each other. But I am grateful that he left a fine legacy that hard work does move mountains.
God Bless my tenacious and hard working men. xoxo

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