A Golden Sunday Stroll in Nature

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Yesterday afternoon my honey and I went for a stroll at the lake. Although it was late in the fall and all the leaves were crunching underfoot the sun was so brilliantly bright and warm that if one looked at the lake and the mountains in the distance, it felt just like a hot summer day at the beach. We had packed a little img_5331lunch and sitting on a log at the edge of the water out of the wind was like enjoying a warm sunny summery day. It was so peaceful and quiet, just the sounds of water swishing on the shore and birds cawing overhead. We had gone out for our daily walk but ended up just sitting on a log chatting and enjoying the warmth of the sun.
Sunshine is such a great energizer. Even in the dead of winter when it is freezing cold outside, brilliant sunshine warms our hearts.

Enjoy the Sunshine. xoxo

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