It’s a Hot Pink Day!

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Is there anything that makes for a happier day than coming unexpectedly across these divinely beautiful ‘hot pink’ roses, just growing into beauties naturally and unnoticed!!! Of course I Love Love Love the color Hot Pink, but when I accidentally  found these beauties after a rain storm, I first of all wanted to pick them, but summer-hot-pink-rossesinstead I photographed them. I needed to hold myself back from picking them as they were my neighbours prize roses.  OH OH!! So today (thankfully) on this cold grey fall day, I get to enjoy this gorgeous “hot pink’ moment again again and again. How sweet.

I photograph and write for posterity. There is residual pleasure as I come across these divine hot pink moments from the past. They are treasures I can relive and enjoy again and again…

Have a wonderful Hot Pink day…


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