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Oh MY Goodness summer 2018 went by so fast!! Both our sons and their families and my honey and I did renovations which cut in our summer holidays. Probably it was a good summer to do renovations because we had many days without too much sun due to the smoke from all the forest fires. Also it wasn’t really a great summer for beaching and boating as there were plenty cool days.

However we did get a lot of things done yeah! and still found some time to have get -togethers and mini holidays. One fun and delightfully little honeymoon holiday was just with my honey and I. We found a wonderful charming rustic old log home in a beautiful quiet mountain meadow where we spent a day and night. It was sooooo romantic and relaxing. The only sound we heard were the leaves fluttering in the warm summer breeze. I loved it so much I wanted to stay awake and just listen to the wind and the fluttering of the leaves. I am a nature girl and soooo love quiet and nature.

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