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Updating our home.

This past winter has been filled with our home renovations. After ten years living here in our home, we have progressively renovated room by room, leaving the last to the kitchen, as it is the most expensive. We started renovating the back entrance as it seemed to be a good place to start as it didn’t take out our bathrooms, bedrooms or kitchen. All of which are in uses everyday.
Now as I write this blog, we are fully renovating our kitchen. I am sitting in the kitchen with drywall dust on my keyboard which I keep blowing off. We replaced two large windows, appliances and are redoing the cupboards, island and all the cabinets. Fortunately last winter and spring we had laid all the hardwood floors and that was messy too, lots of moving everything around.
It’s been one step at a time. Each winter we have worked on one project.
All three levels of our home were messy, labor intensive and expensive. But this summer we are making progress. Hurrah!

Within one more month we hope to have our main floor with kitchen and bathroom, dinning room, powder room, sitting room, entrance and living room almost all done.  Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah!


The Sweet Fragrance of Sweet Peas.

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IMG_6093 (1)Oh! My Goodness! What is sweeter than picking a fresh bouquet of home grown Sweet Peas!!

My honey is the gardener in our family and now in early July, everyday there are fresh new gifts from the garden. Gardening is one of my honey’s talent and like his Art, he daily tends to his precious blooms. We enjoy fresh tomatoes , basil and mint in our salads, and delicate flowers of every colour and fragrance.

Summer is sheer goodness. I love to wake up every morning, rain or shine. xoxo

Hello! Hello!

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cropped-IMG_5815-1.jpgToday I am so delighted to start my very first Blog. Thanks to my honey for setting it up for me as I am not as computer savvy as he is. This fine spring and summer has been filled with many many celebrations and I am eager to share them with you. I will be posting stories and photos and just musings about life in general.

As I write I am sidetracked with the sounds of a heavy rainfall. It is so strong that it is taking down leaves. In the comfort of my snug little home, I sit by a large window and can experience the force and beauty of my beloved mother nature.
I have the good fortune of living in a beautiful quiet community with more trees and animals than people. Although I adore people, I love love love all the bright green acres of hilly lush and delicious nature and the wonderful little animals that happily scamper about.

Nature and photographing is a passion for me as well as my love of Art and people.

Everyday is a Hot Pink Day!

Jeanne Moreau Couzens